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Residential Treatment Facilities

Residential treatment facilities are designed to treat individuals with drug and alcohol problems and residential treatment facilities due so by immersing a resident in a full treatment program. Residential treatment facilities became popular in the 1980's when problems with cocaine became widely known and people sought outside help for their problems. Before residential treatment facilities individuals with drug addiction or alcoholism would be committed to hospitals and sanitariums for treatment. Residential treatment facilities became a popular lower cost alternative to the hospital system and were favored by insurance companies. Two decades later, residential treatment facilities have evolved in all sorts of ways, some for the good and some not as effective but the right one can offer a solution to the worse cases of drug dependence and alcohol abuse.

Spencer Recovery Centers offers the most effective features of successful residential treatment facilities. A safe haven away from the daily routine and temptation of using and drinking, our St. Pete & Laguna Beach centers are the perfect location for focusing on healthy living and activities. Spencer Recovery Centers continues to set itself apart from residential treatment facilities in that it offers a long term treatment option and does not force our clients to find recovery in 28 days or less before being asked to leave. At Spencer Recovery Centers, we offer long term sober living facilities and limited to only handful of clients to ensure a personal attention and program focus.

If you have ever considered residential treatment facilities, please call Spencer Recovery Centers first for more information on treatment options available and how we can help you today. 800.399.3612





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